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Design An Appealing Instagram Stories Image Using Canva

If you ever wonder how people create eye-catching instagram stories, then one app they might use is Canva. This brilliant app is helpful to create and design catchy and inspiring Instagram stories that stands out from the rest and wow your followers.

Canva provides a lot of templates to choose from, not only templates for Instagram stories, there are also much more templates for Instagram posts, poster, flyer and other graphic designs. We can customize those templates with our own photos, add text or effects, stickers to make it even more appealing.


  • Developer : Canva
  • Rating : 4.7 / 5 on Play Store
  • Price : Free with In App Purchase
  • Category : Graphic Design
  • System : Android / iOS

Below is an example of insta stories made using Canva :

  • 1. Here is the front page of Canva, there are a series of layout available to choose from, including layout for business card, Instagram stories, Instagram post and many more. If you want to create an instagram story using Canva, you can go to the instagram story section and click “see all” link.

  • 2. The Instagram Story section looks like the following pictures, you can choose the style you like from minimalist, summer, travel and many more.

  • 3.We try to use this layout

  • 4. We can edit the picture, add text with several color variants and font family.

  • 5. To export the end result you need to click “export” button in the right top, the image is ready to be uploaded on your Instagram Story