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Save Web Link For Later Reading Using Pocket Reader

Pocket is a great app designed to help casual readers to quickly and easily save link and content like articles and videos for later viewing or watching. Having so many tabs on web browser can be quite problematic and one way to save the article or content for later reading is by bookmarking it using Pocket app.

It’s easy to use, once we create an account we can begin saving web pages, image URLs or other URL to our Pocket account. What makes this so useful is we don’t need an internet connection to view the bits we saved before, this can be great when we travel or have a long journey. The app will automatically sync the URLS when the device is connected to WiFi or has a mobile data connection.

The Features

Just like other reading app, this app allows us to save article, videos and other digital materials for later viewing. Pocket is lightweight app and has integration with other apps for sharing the content, including Twitter, Digg, Zeit, Dolphin Browser, and many more.

If the app is not supported by Pocket App, we can use other easy method for save content is using phone’s ‘Share’ option. Pocket also has versatile tagging system which helps us to organize the data easily.

The User interface of this app is also easy to use, URLS we saved to our Pocket will be displayed in My List Section which can be customized to your preference.

Pocket works well with Android or iOS smartphone, for the desktop we can use Firefox add-on to easily save the content.


Overall, Pocket App is great app for me, if you have never try this, then we strongly recommend you to give it a try. This app will help us to stay productive and organized.

APP Details

  • Developer : Read It Later, Inc
  • Rating : 4.5 / 5 on Play Store
  • Price : Free with In App Purchase
  • Category : News
  • System : Android / iOS / Desktop