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TickTick - To Do List App To Help You Plan Your Day

Another brilliant to-do list apps we should know is TickTick, this might not be the most popular productivity apps in the market but it has features to cover our basics like recurring tasks, daily reminders and other organizational features.

Scheduling and time management are quite problematic for a person because of the busy schedule that we tend to have and missing some important meetings happens most of the time due to bad management, Ticktick is designed to take the problem and help you plan the most of your day and get things done on time.

The Features

TickTick comes with excellent choices for us, including checklists, reminder schedule for meetings and many more. It has nice balance between functionalities and the design which is easy to use.

We will get notified of our upcoming schedules, important tasks or meetings, basically get notified everything you set in the app.


TickTick is certainly a must-tried app if you need something to help you keep track of your daily schedule. It has handy features to cover basic needs like scheduling, to-do list and so on.


  • Developer : Appest Limited
  • Rating : 4.6 / 5 on Play Store
  • Price : Free with In App Purchase
  • Category : News
  • System : Android / iOS