New Graphic Design

Unfold - An Easy To Use App To Create Story Telling Insta Stories

Another great app to design catchy Instagram stories is Unfold, the app has a lot of templates offered as free and paid to help us design story telling Instagram stories.

The usage is really simple, unfold allows us to select template and customize it with our own video or photos from phone gallery, edit the text to tell more about the story. There are 150+ templates available to choose from, and those look slick and eye-catching with various style and variants.

Unfold allows us to change the font of the text, there are a number of nice font families to choose from. The design process is easy, and the finished design can be exported and uploaded later as Instagram stories or other social media features in Facebook, Pinterest or snapchat.


  • Developer : Unfold Creative LLC
  • Rating : 4.5 / 5 on Play Store
  • Price : Free with In App Purchase
  • Category : Graphic Design
  • System : Android / iOS

Here, we try to create an instagram story using Unfold :

  • 1. Open Unfold and Create New Story.

  • 2. Open the story you created before and choose the layout you want to use.

  • 3. Add Image or Video and Edit the text.

  • 4. To export the story, you need to click download button on the top menu. Click Page to save single story or you can click on the story button to save multiple story.

  • 5. The final result is stored on your camera roll, you can upload it as Instagram story later.